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The Credit Report reflects your credit history over the past three years. It includes your personal information, total credit/service exposure, and monthly payment patterns, as well as any defaults, bounced cheques, or amounts overdue.
The report includes information on your credit card limits and usage, personal loans and credit facilities balances and payment history with telecom operators and water and electricity providers. The report may also include other credit information sourced from additional sources such as courts, governments entities, B2B users, etc.

The Credit Report covers a three-year payment history on each active/closed credit facility and service, as well as the history for any bounced cheques.

You will receive your Credit Report and/or Credit Score within 8 hours on your registered email.
If you were charged but did not receive your credit report or credit score, or if you are facing any payment difficulties, please call our Contact Center on 800-BUREAU (800-287328) and have the relevant information ready in order to register a service request.

You can identify the Information Provider through the Provider Code section, that appears next to each information in the Credit Report. The Information Providers contact details can be found in the last section of the Credit Report which includes a list of symbols to identify the provider of the information.

Please follow the instructions mentioned in the email that contains your Credit Report in order to be able to open the file.
If you are having difficulties, please call our Contact Center on 800-BUREAU (800-287328) and have the relevant. information ready in order to register a service request.

While a Credit Score is calculated using an algorithm and considers multiple credit profile aspects, certain behaviors can help improve your Credit Score such as:

  • Making payments on or before the due date.
  • Avoiding bouncing cheques.
  • Reducing the number of credit cards and loans.
  • Reducing outstanding balances and credit card limits utilization.

These are the main factors that contribute to better credit behavior and positively impact your 3-digit credit score. 
The final credit score is calculated using a credit score algorithm. This same algorithm uses many important variables which are modeled using international best practice methodologies, as well as UAE market trends, patterns, and regulations.

Your monthly payments history contributes to your financial footprint. Knowing this information can help you control your finances.
This information is also included in your Credit Report as well as your credit profile that banks, finance companies, telecom operators, government entities and other service providers use to assess your eligibility for better pricing and services.
Therefore, maintaining a good credit history and credit score can open the door to more financial opportunities, with easier access to future credit facilities and beneficial rates.

You can conveniently purchase your company's Credit Report and Credit Score by filling in the form available at https://online.etihadbureau.ae/reportrequest

To follow-up on a previously submitted request, please reply to the email that you received containing the Reference ID.

The easiest way to view your Credit Report and Credit Score is to download the Etihad Credit Bureau CreditReport App or visit our website. If, you want someone to receive your Credit Report or Credit Score on your behalf, there are two options here. First, you can fill out a delegation letter accessible here. Second, a Power of Attorney authorizing other person to receive them.

In case of such disagreement between individual/company and information provider regarding a data correction request please call our Contact Center on 800-BUREAU (800-287328) and have the relevant information ready in order to register a data correction dispute.

Please note that Data Correction Disputes can be registered only if your Data Correction Request has been rejected by the related information provider.

To raise a Data Correction Request and obtain the related Data Correction Reference ID, please fill the form available on our website at https://etihadbureau.ae/correction