Data Correction Requests

Information in your Credit Report is supplied by the Information Providers. Etihad Credit Bureau does not add, modify or delete information from your credit report. If you have reason to believe that the information present in your credit report needs to be corrected, please proceed with filling the form below.

If the data correction form does not include accurate information with valid attachments, then the request will be automatically discarded and a new data correction request will have to be resubmitted. Otherwise, a data correction service ticket will be registered where it will be assigned to the concerned information provider to respond to in accordance with timelines specified in the regulations issued by the Central Bank of the UAE.

While Etihad Credit Bureau has provided all information to data providers with tools to be able to make data corrections instantly, we cannot assure you that your data correction request will be handled within a certain time period as it is dependent on third-party processing. 

Please note, that Central Bank of United Arab Emirates regulations specify that data providers are required to respond within 10 working days.

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